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How to Get a Mortgage after Bankruptcy

June 10, 2021 | Posted by: Adarsh Chawla

Can Someone get a mortgage after filing for

Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal ?

If someone is going through Bankruptcy its not a easy decision, its life circumstances and individuals inability to pay debts which can be health issue , business failure, divorce.  Because of recent lock down , List  goes on....

Being forced or choosing to file for bankruptcy can be demoralizing, but it isn’t the end of the road. One can get a financial fresh start after bankruptcy. Person  can even get a mortgage after a waiting period by taking the right steps.

We specialize in working with wide range of Investors and Lenders who can even give  Mortgages to your clients Next day after discharge from Bankruptcy.

We are Sub-Prime and Private Mortgage Specialist working in GTA. Our typical clients are Self-employed , Bruised credit and new Immigrants . Our Mortgage requirements is Any Income, Any Credit and NO Stress test.

Our Rates :

1. Prime Clients : 1.69% ( Good Income / Good Credit / Pass Stress test )

2. Sub- Prime : 2.5% to 7% ( Bad Credit but Good Income / Pass Stress test )

3. Private : 1st Mortgage : 7-8% , ( Any Income , Any Credit , No Stress Test)

                   2nd Mortgage : 8% to 12% ( Any Income , Any Credit )

For your all mortgage needs or questions,

Please call:


Alternative and Private 1st, 2nd, 3rd Mortgages Specialist

Direct : 4162753965

Adarsh Chawla , Mortgage Broker

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